All members of the team play an important role in the success of an organization. Each employee is vital to the KARVY's total mission of providing quality services to its clients. In everything you do, you represent KARVY, and so are critical links in our quest to provide service excellence in a personal environment.

With our growing network, business diversification and the team operating from various locations across the country, the need for creating an interface to bridge the distance was felt. The result of it has been the Employee HR Intranet, an IT initiative from HR during May 2004.

Human Resource Department has designed this VIRTUAL HR Interface to help you understand your professional code and serve you as a digest of KARVY practices, opportunities and services available to support your growth. It was pleased to know that you have welcomed this initiative with breeze.

In our constant endeavour to adapt to the changing business scenario and technological advancement, the HR Intranet was revamped for furthered user friendliness and a better navigation convenience.

Success is redefined by the Human Resources of the organization and are of high value for KARVY. Belive this new version of the Employee HR Intranet will knit us close in our journey of growth into the future.

Best Wishes,